How it works
Tridimensional data collection
No matter via Internet, Email, Phone or face to face, we are able to investigate, and provide you with real-time data. All starting from Survey Expert.
Easy to design your Survey
Easy Creation
With many question types including single choice, multiple choices, matrix of choice and descriptive text, it's easy to create a new survey. You can also use our library of question templates to edit survey.
Customize your page view
Customize the look and feel of your surveys. Add your logo, company name, background color and images. Create your own survey URL and send respondents to a promotional landing page upon survey completion.
Create logic piping
Easy to set up your survey logic workflow. Create interactive surveys with skip logic, references and previous answer inserting.
All-angle Data Collection
Quota Restrictions
After setting up based on project requirements, automatically monitor the status, and send out alerts.
Gather response with one URL by including your link on email and through instant messages.

Collect data by reaching out on phone. All calls will be recorded and monitored.

APP Collection
Support Android and IOS. Combine surveys, GPS, photo, recording with excellent user experience. Support online and offline data collection.
Monitor project
Overall project completion analytics including completion status report for each quota, overall project report, daily report, and report for each interviewers.
Manual check
Quality assurance for each interview status including examining calls, editing interview status, remark reasons for not passing.
Analyze data automatically
Means Analysis
Easy means analysis in statistics.
Cross analysis
Easy cross analysis in statistics.
Export data
Export data in Excel and Spss.
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